How To Hide Number On Whatsapp

Privacy is a major concern for many of us in this digital era. Among the steps taken to safeguard our privacy, hiding a phone number on WhatsApp stands out as a common measure. This tutorial will guide you on how to hide your phone number on WhatsApp.

Use a Virtual Number

One effective way to hide your real number on WhatsApp is by using a virtual number. It’s crucial to note that such numbers can’t be used to make actual phone calls or send text messages outside of WhatsApp. Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Download a Virtual Number App

First off, you’ll need to download an application that provides a virtual number. Apps like 2ndLine, Burner or TextNow can be used. These apps can be easily found and downloaded from your device’s app store.

Step 2: Set up the Virtual Number

Once you’ve downloaded the app, the next step is to set up your virtual number. This process may vary depending on the app you have chosen. Generally, you’ll need to sign up and follow the prompts to get your new number.

Step 3: Register the Virtual Number on WhatsApp

Now that you have your virtual number, you can use it to register on WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp and initiate the setup process. When asked for your number, enter the virtual number. You will receive the confirmation code on the virtual number app. Enter this code on WhatsApp, and voila, you’re all set!

Use WhatsApp Business

Another method to hide your number is by using WhatsApp Business. This application is designed for business owners who wish to communicate with their customers on WhatsApp without revealing their personal phone number.

Step 1: Download WhatsApp Business

Download and install WhatsApp Business from your device’s app store.

Step 2: Set up WhatsApp Business

Open WhatsApp Business and follow the setup instructions. When prompted, input your business details and upload a profile photo if you wish.

Step 3: Register a Different Number

During the setup process, you’ll be asked to enter a phone number. Instead of your personal number, you can enter a business landline or a second mobile phone number. WhatsApp Business will attempt to send an SMS to this number. If the number is a landline, choose the ‘Call me’ option to receive the verification code via a phone call. Enter this code on WhatsApp Business to finish the setup process.

And that’s it! You have successfully hidden your real phone number on WhatsApp. Remember, privacy is a right, and these steps will help you ensure it.