How To Get Canva Pro For Free

Canva is an incredible design tool that allows users to create stunning graphics conveniently. While the free version is fantastic on its own, the Pro version brings a lot to the table with its premium features, including access to over 420,000 templates, the ability to upload your own fonts and logos, and much more. But what if you could access Canva Pro for free? In this post, we’ll guide you on how to get Canva Pro without spending a dime.

Method 1: Canva Pro 30-Day Free Trial

The simplest way to get Canva Pro for free is to utilise their 30-day free trial. This step-by-step guide will show you how:

  1. Visit the Canva website and sign up using your email, Facebook, or Google account.
  2. Once signed in, click on the ‘Try Canva Pro for free’ button.
  3. Enter your credit card details (you won’t be charged during the trial period).
  4. Enjoy exploring Canva Pro for 30 days, completely free!

Method 2: Educational Institutions Program

Canva offers Canva Pro for free for teachers and students. Here’s how to avail this offer:

  1. Go to Canva for Education’s sign-up page.
  2. Apply for the program by submitting your school email address and other necessary details.
  3. Wait for approval from Canva. Once approved, you get full access to Canva Pro for free.

Method 3: Canva Pro Referral Program

Canva offers an excellent referral program where you can earn free Canva Pro credits. Here’s how:

  1. Sign into your Canva account and click on ‘Refer & Earn’.
  2. You’ll get a unique referral link which you can share with others.
  3. For each person who signs up using your link and creates a design, you’ll earn a Canva credit.
  4. Accumulate these credits to get Canva Pro for free.


Canva Pro can significantly enhance your design work with its additional features and tools. By utilising the methods mentioned above, you can enjoy all the benefits of Canva Pro without breaking your budget. Happy designing!