How To Get A Qr Code And Track It With Google Analytics

In the realm of digital promotion and data-based decision making, QR codes have become an essential resource. QR codes not only enable effortless redirection to a designated website but also offer the adaptability to monitor the redirects. This article will instruct you on how to obtain a QR code and monitor it using Google Analytics.

Step 1: Creating a QR Code

There are various online tools available to generate QR codes. One of the popular ones is Simply input the URL you want your QR code to redirect to and generate the QR code.

Step 2: Setting Up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking website traffic. You will need to add a tracking code to your website. If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, create one and then create a new property for your website. This will generate a tracking ID, which should look something like this: UA-000000-01.

Step 3: Configuring URL for Tracking

Now, before creating your QR code, you need to configure the URL for tracking. Google Analytics provides a URL builder tool for this purpose.

Fill in the required information in the URL builder. Here is what each field represents:

  • Website URL: The URL you want to track
  • Campaign Source: The referrer: for example, google, newsletter
  • Campaign Medium: Marketing medium: for example, cpc, banner, email
  • Campaign Name: To identify your campaign

The URL builder will generate a URL with all these parameters. This is the URL you will use for your QR code.

Step 4: Generate QR Code

Now, generate your QR code with the URL generated from the URL builder tool.

Step 5: Track QR Code with Google Analytics

Once your QR code is in use, you can now track the traffic from this code in Google Analytics. Simply log into your Google Analytics account and go to Acquisition -> Campaigns. Here, you will see all your campaign data including the one from your QR code.


QR codes are an effective way to drive traffic and with Google Analytics, you can easily track this traffic to gain insights. This data can be used to optimize your campaigns and make data-driven decisions.