How To Find Someone On Instagram By Photo

Instagram has grown into a major social media platform with more than a billion monthly active users worldwide. It allows users to share photos and videos, connect with friends, follow their favorite celebrities, and more. However, finding someone on Instagram can sometimes be challenging, especially if all you have is a photo of them. Today, we’ll guide you on how to find someone on Instagram using a photo.

Step 1: Use Google Image Search

If what you have is a photo, the best place to start is by utilizing Google’s reverse image search function. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Google Images.
  • Click on the camera icon in the search bar.
  • Upload the photo you have or paste the photo URL, then press ‘Enter’.
  • Google will reveal all the web pages where the image appears.

If the person you’re looking for has a public Instagram account and has posted the same photo, it should appear in the search results.

Step 2: Use Instagram’s Search Function

If Google Image Search doesn’t give you the desired outcome, you can use Instagram’s search function. Here’s how:

  • Open Instagram and tap on the magnifying glass icon to access the search function.
  • Type the person’s name, username, or any other related information you might have.
  • If the person’s Instagram account is public, it should appear in the search results.

Step 3: Use Third-Party Tools

If the above steps didn’t yield any results, don’t worry! There are several reliable third-party tools available that can help you find someone on Instagram by photo. One such tool is Picodash.

Please note: Be sure to use these third-party tools responsibly, and respect people’s privacy when searching for their profiles.


Finding someone on Instagram by photo can be a bit challenging, but with a few tricks and tools, you can increase your chances of finding the person you’re looking for. Remember, always respect other users’ privacy and use these methods responsibly.