How To Highlight In Gmail

When working with Gmail, it’s crucial to understand how to utilize all its functionalities to improve your productivity. One such feature is highlighting text, which can make your email more attractive, easier to read, and stress the important points. In this blog, we’re going to show you how you can easily highlight text in Gmail.

Step 1: Open Gmail and Start a New Email

Firstly, you’ll need to go to and log in to your account. Once you’re in, click on the “+ Compose” button on the top left corner of your screen to start a new email.

Step 2: Select the Text You Want to Highlight

Type the text you want in the email body. To highlight, click and drag your mouse over the text that you want to highlight.

Step 3: Highlight the Text

Once you’ve selected the text, go to the bottom of the email body, you’ll see several formatting options. Click on the “A” icon that has an underline. This is the “Text Colour” button. Clicking on this will open a colour palette.

Step 4: Choose a Background Color

From the colour palette, click on the icon that looks like a highlighter, this is the “Background color” option. Select a color from the palette. The selected text will be highlighted with the color you chose.

Optional: Remove the Highlight

If you wish to remove the highlight, simply select the highlighted text, click on the “A” icon again, choose the “Background color” option and this time choose the “Transparent” color (usually the first option on the palette).

And there you go! You now know how to highlight texts in Gmail. This simple feature can make a big difference in organizing information, emphasizing particular points, or simply adding some color to your mails.

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Enjoy your time with Gmail and stay productive!