How To Find Negative Keywords For Google Adwords

Having a grasp on the idea of negative keywords and knowing how to identify them is essential in optimizing your Google AdWords campaigns. Negative keywords are specific words or phrases that prevent your ad from displaying for particular search queries. These keywords eliminate irrelevant traffic, allowing you to concentrate on the keywords that are significant to your target audience. This in turn helps save your budget and enhances your ROI.

Steps to Finding Negative Keywords

1. Use Google’s Keyword Planner

Google’s own Keyword Planner is an ideal starting point. It can give you insights into the search terms people use and how those terms might lead to irrelevant clicks. To use it, simply enter a keyword that closely relates to your product or service and see the suggestions. Look for any irrelevant terms that could be used as negative keywords.

2. Use Google’s Search Terms Report

Google’s Search Terms Report shows you the exact keywords that triggered your ads. You can find this report in your Google Ads account. Here, you can spot irrelevant keywords that have been causing your ad to show up. Once you identify them, you can add them to your negative keyword list.

3. Think About Your Product or Service

Consider the unique aspects of your product or service and think about the terms that people might use when searching for it. Are there any words or phrases that could lead to confusion or misinterpretation? If so, these could be good candidates for negative keywords.

4. Consider User Intent

Try to understand the intent behind the searches that lead people to your site. For instance, users looking for free products or tutorials might use terms like “free”, “how to”, or “DIY”. If you’re selling a product or service, these terms could be wasting your ad budget, as they indicate a user looking for free solutions or information, not to make a purchase.

How to Add Negative Keywords to Your Google AdWords Campaign

To add negative keywords to your AdWords campaign, navigate to the keywords tab in your Google Ads account. Select the negative keywords option and then click on the blue plus sign to add your negative keywords.

Google Ads -> Campaigns -> Keywords -> Negative

Remember, finding and adding negative keywords is an ongoing process. Always monitor your campaigns to identify any new potential negative keywords. This constant refinement will help you to maximize your campaign’s potential and reach the right audience.


Negative keywords play a vital role in the success of your Google AdWords campaigns. By regularly identifying and adding them, you can ensure that your ads are seen by the most relevant audience, which in turn will help to save your budget and increase your ROI.