How To Find Public Trello Boards

If you frequently use Trello, a versatile and effective project management tool, you may have wondered about the process of finding public boards for gathering inspiration, working together on shared topics, or learning how others use Trello. This guide will explain the steps for discovering and joining public Trello boards.

Understanding Public Trello Boards

Public boards in Trello are open to people outside your team. They’re either completely open for anyone to view and join, or they may have some restrictions, for instance, you can only view but not join, or join only by invitation. They are a great source of inspiration and provide opportunities to learn how others organize their work.

Finding Public Trello Boards

Unlike private boards, public Trello boards aren’t directly searchable. However, there are a few ways to find them:

1. Using Google Search

You can use Google to find public Trello boards. Simply enter your search term followed by in the Google search bar. This will return results only from Trello’s website.

2. Exploring Trello’s Public Resources

Trello often shares public boards on their blog and other resources. These are usually boards created by Trello for demonstrating various use-cases and features.

3. Joining Trello Communities

Joining a community of Trello users is another great way to access public boards. Trello has a vibrant community on various platforms like Reddit, Facebook, etc. where users share their public boards.

Joining a Public Trello Board

Once you’ve found a public board you’re interested in, you can usually join it by clicking on the “Join” button. However, some boards may require an invitation to join.

A Word of Caution

While public boards can be a great resource, be cautious while joining them. Avoid boards that seem to be promoting doubtful content. Always remember, your use of Trello should comply with its terms of service.

Happy Trello-ing!