How To Download In Canva

Canva is a user-friendly design tool that even those without a graphic design background can navigate. One of the most frequently asked questions is – “How can I download my designs from Canva?” This blog post will elucidate the process in easy steps.

Step 1: Completion of Your Design

Before you download, ensure that your design is completed to your satisfaction. Canva offers a multitude of features and elements to suit your needs. From images to fonts, everything is customizable. Always remember, ‘save’ your work regularly to avoid losing any progress.

Step 2: Access the Download Button

Once you’re satisfied with your design, locate the ‘Download’ button at the top right corner of your Canva screen.

Step 3: Choose the File Type

Upon clicking on ‘Download,’ a small window will appear. Here, you can select the type of file you wish to download. Canva supports several formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF standard, and PDF Print, among others. Choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Step 4: Click on ‘Download’

Once you’ve selected the file type, click on the purple ‘Download’ button in the small window. Your design will start downloading.

Step 5: Locate Your File

By default, your downloaded file will go to your computer’s ‘Download’ folder. Navigate to this folder or use the search function on your computer to locate your file.

Step 6: Open and Check Your File

Open your downloaded file to ensure everything is as per your design. If there are any issues or if you wish to make any changes, you can return to Canva and adjust your design before repeating the download process.


Downloading your designs from Canva is simple and straightforward. If you follow these steps, you’ll have your design ready for use in no time. Whether you’re creating social media graphics, business presentations, or personal projects, Canva makes the design process easy and enjoyable.

Remember, practice makes perfect. So, don’t hesitate to experiment with the various tools and features Canva provides. Happy designing!