How To Jira Dark Mode

Are you a JIRA user looking for a dark-themed interface for your project management tasks? You’ve come to the right spot! In this blog post, we will demonstrate how to enable dark mode in JIRA.

What is JIRA?

JIRA is a popular project management tool created by Atlassian. It’s used by many tech companies for issue tracking, task management, and more. However, by default, JIRA comes with a light themed interface, which can be quite straining on the eyes for users who spend a lot of time on the platform.

Why Dark Mode?

Dark mode is a feature that changes the user interface from a light colour scheme to a dark one. It’s easier on the eyes, especially in low light conditions, and it can also save battery power on OLED screens. But unfortunately, JIRA does not currently offer a built-in dark mode feature.

But don’t worry, there is a workaround. You can use a browser extension to enable dark mode in JIRA.

How to Enable Dark Mode in JIRA

The most straightforward way to enable dark mode in JIRA is to use a browser extension. Here’s how:

1. Install a Dark Mode Browser Extension

There are various browser extensions available that can enable dark mode for all websites, including JIRA. Two of the most popular ones are Dark Reader and Night Eye. These extensions are available for both Chrome and Firefox.

2. Enable Dark Mode for JIRA

After installing a dark mode extension, navigate to your JIRA dashboard. Click on the extension’s icon in the browser toolbar and toggle dark mode on. For some extensions, you may need to add JIRA to a list of websites for which dark mode should be enabled.

And that’s it! You should now see JIRA in a sleek new dark theme. Note that this process will only affect your personal view of JIRA; it will not change the interface for other users.


Enabling dark mode in JIRA can make your project management tasks easier on the eyes and more enjoyable. Although JIRA doesn’t currently offer a native dark mode, using a browser extension like Dark Reader or Night Eye can effectively give you the dark-themed JIRA dashboard you desire. Happy project managing!