How To Do Mail Merge In Ms Word

Mail Merge is a powerful tool embedded in MS Word that allows you to create a large number of documents from a single template. It is highly useful for sending personalized letters, emails, or creating labels and envelopes. This blog post will guide you through the steps to execute a Mail Merge in MS Word.

Step 1: Create or Open the main document

Start by creating a new document or opening an existing one that you want to use as the main document for the mail merge.

Step 2: Start the Mail Merge wizard

In MS Word, click on the Mailings tab. Then, click on the Start Mail Merge button and select Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard.

Step 3: Select the document type

Choose the type of document you want to create for the mail merge. It can be Letters, Email messages, Envelopes, Labels, or Directory.

Step 4: Select the starting document

Here, you can use the current document you are working on, select a template from the options, or open an existing document. After making your selection, click Next: Select recipients.

Step 5: Select Recipients

For a successful Mail Merge, you need a data source. This can be a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or Access database. Select Use an existing list, then browse for your file and click Open. Once you’ve selected your source, click Next: Write your letter.

Step 6: Insert Merge Fields

Here, you can personalize your document. Click on More items under the Write your letter section, then insert the fields you want to add from the dialog box. After adding the fields, click Next: Preview your letters.

Step 7: Preview and Finish

Preview your documents to ensure everything is in order. If you are satisfied with the preview, click Next: Complete the merge. In the final step, click on Finish and edit individual documents as needed.

And there you have it! Your Mail Merge in MS Word is complete. With this guide, you should be able to create a customized set of documents in no time.