How To Do Dolly Zoom On Phone

The Dolly zoom represents a distinctive technique in both photography and film, characterized by the action of either advancing towards or retracting from the subject concurrently with altering the lens’s focal length. This manipulation results in a singular optical illusion wherein the subject maintains its apparent size, but the backdrop shifts in dimension. Within this piece, we’ll guide you through the process of replicating this effect using your smartphone.

Step 1: Choose Your Subject

The first step is to choose a subject that you want to dolly zoom on. It could be anything from a person to an object. Make sure the subject is in focus and well-lit.

Step 2: Set Up Your Phone

Next, set up your phone’s camera app. Most phones have a manual mode that allows you to adjust settings like exposure, white balance, and focal length. Make sure the video resolution is set to at least 1080p or higher.

Step 3: Adjust Focal Length

Once you have your subject in focus, adjust the focal length of your phone’s camera. You can do this by pinching and dragging on the screen to zoom in or out. Start with a wide-angle shot and then slowly zoom in until the subject fills the frame.

Step 4: Move Your Phone

While adjusting the focal length, move your phone towards or away from the subject. This will create the dolly zoom effect. Make sure to keep the subject in focus and avoid any sudden movements that could cause the shot to be shaky.

Step 5: Edit Your Footage

After you have captured your footage, edit it using a video editing app. You can use apps like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro to trim and adjust the speed of your footage. Make sure to add any necessary effects like color grading or sound effects.


In conclusion, dolly zoom is a fun and creative way to enhance your phone’s video capabilities. By following these steps, you can achieve this effect on your own phone and create unique content for your social media channels or personal projects.