How To Do Ai Voice Changer

The AI Voice Changer is a tool that permits you to alter your voice to a variety of styles and tones. It can serve a multitude of intentions, including producing humorous videos, pranking companions, and even for professional purposes such as dubbing movies. This guide will instruct you on utilizing an AI Voice Changer.

Choose an AI Voice Changer

The first step is to choose an AI voice changer that suits your needs. There are many options available online, but we recommend using a reliable and trusted one like Celebrity Voice Changer or Voicemod. These tools offer a wide range of voice styles and tones to choose from.

Record Your Voice

Once you have chosen an AI voice changer, the next step is to record your voice. Most AI voice changers allow you to record your voice directly within the tool or upload a pre-recorded audio file. Make sure to speak clearly and slowly so that the AI can accurately analyze your voice.

Select Your Desired Voice Style

After recording your voice, you can select your desired voice style from the available options. You can choose from a variety of styles such as robotic, deep, or even celebrity voices like Donald Trump or Barack Obama. Make sure to listen to the preview before selecting your final choice.

Apply Effects

Some AI voice changers also offer additional effects that you can apply to your voice. These effects include echo, reverb, and pitch shift. You can experiment with these effects to create a unique sound for your voice.

Save Your Voice

Once you are satisfied with the changes made to your voice, you can save it as an audio file or share it directly on social media platforms. You can also use the AI voice changer to create a video with your changed voice and share it with your friends.


AI voice changer is a fun and creative tool that allows you to experiment with different voice styles and tones. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily use an AI voice changer to create unique content for your personal or professional use.