How To Do A Memorial Service On Zoom

A memorial service is a special event where people come together to remember and honor someone who has passed away. It can be a very emotional time, but it’s also an important way for friends and family to support each other and celebrate the life of their loved one.

Planning the Service

The first step in planning a memorial service on Zoom is to decide who will be involved. You’ll need someone to host the meeting, someone to lead the service, and possibly other people to help with things like music or readings.

Once you have your team together, you can start thinking about what kind of service you want to have. Will it be a religious ceremony? A celebration of life? Something else entirely?

Setting Up the Zoom Meeting

Before the service, you’ll need to set up a Zoom meeting and invite everyone who will be attending. Make sure to include any necessary information in the invitation, such as the date and time of the service, the link to join the meeting, and any other details that people might need to know.

During the Service

When it’s time for the service, make sure everyone is muted except for the person leading the ceremony. This will help keep background noise to a minimum and ensure that everyone can hear what’s being said.

As the service progresses, you may want to use features like screen sharing or chat to share photos, videos, or other memories of your loved one. You can also use breakout rooms to allow people to have smaller conversations and connect with each other in a more intimate setting.

After the Service

Once the service is over, you may want to stay on the call for a little while to give people a chance to talk and share their feelings. You can also use this time to plan any next steps, such as a virtual reception or a way for people to continue to support each other in the weeks and months ahead.


Planning a memorial service on Zoom may seem like a daunting task, but with careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a meaningful and memorable event that honors your loved one’s life and brings comfort to those who knew them.