How To Delete Jira From Jira Board

Jira Software is a versatile project management tool designed for agile methodologies, such as Scrum, Kanban, or personalized approaches. With features like agile boards and reports, you can efficiently plan, monitor, and oversee all your software development projects in one place. But what if you need to delete a project or issue from your Jira board?

Deleting an issue or project from a Jira board is straightforward. Before we dive into the steps, it’s worth mentioning the impact of deleting an issue or project: once deleted, it’s gone forever, so ensure you won’t need that data in the future. If you’re unsure, you may want to consider simply closing the issue or archiving the project.

Deleting an Issue from a Jira Board

Here’s how to remove an issue from your Jira board:

        1. Navigate to the Board where the issue is.
        2. Find the issue you want to delete.
        3. Open the issue details by clicking on the issue.
        4. Click on "More" in the issue details.
        5. Click "Delete."
        6. Confirm the deletion.

Note: Only users with the ‘Delete Issues’ permission in the project’s permission scheme can delete issues.

Deleting a Project from a Jira Board

If you need to delete a whole project from a Jira Board, follow these steps:

        1. Click on "Projects" in the navigation bar.
        2. Find and select the project you want to delete.
        3. Click on "Project settings."
        4. Click on "Delete project" under the "Project settings" menu.
        5. Confirm the deletion.

Note: Only users with the ‘Administer Projects’ global permission can delete projects.

Whether you’re tidying up your Jira board or removing old, unused projects, knowing how to delete issues and projects is an essential part of managing your Jira Software. Remember, deletion is permanent, so use this option with care!