How To Cloud Record In Zoom

Zoom is a widely used video conferencing service that enables remote connections among users. What sets Zoom apart is its cloud recording capability for meetings and webinars. This article will cover the process of recording to the cloud in Zoom.

Step 1: Enable Cloud Recording

The first step to cloud record in Zoom is to enable the feature. To do this, log in to your Zoom account and go to the “Settings” tab. From there, select “Recording” and check the box next to “Cloud recording.” This will allow you to record your meetings and webinars directly to the cloud.

Step 2: Start a Meeting or Webinar

Once you have enabled cloud recording, you can start a meeting or webinar as usual. To begin recording, click on the “Record” button located in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. This will start the recording process and save the video to the cloud.

Step 3: Edit and Share Your Recording

After your meeting or webinar has ended, you can access your cloud recordings by going to the “My Recordings” tab in your Zoom account. From there, you can edit and share your recording with others. You can also download the video file if you prefer.


Cloud recording is a useful feature that allows you to capture important moments during your meetings and webinars. By following these simple steps, you can easily cloud record in Zoom and share your content with others.