How To Check If Essay Was Written By Ai

In recent times, there have been notable advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and it is now feasible for writing tools powered by AI to produce essays that closely resemble those written by humans. Nevertheless, there are multiple methods to verify whether an essay was composed by AI.

1. Check for Unusual Grammar and Syntax

One of the most common signs that an essay was written by AI is the presence of unusual grammar and syntax. AI-generated essays often contain grammatical errors, such as incorrect verb tense or subject-verb agreement. Additionally, AI-generated essays may use unconventional sentence structures or phrasing that are not commonly used in human writing.

2. Look for Repetitive Language

Another common sign of AI-generated essays is the presence of repetitive language. AI-powered writing tools often rely on pre-written templates or algorithms to generate text, which can result in repeated phrases or sentences throughout an essay. This repetition can be a red flag that the essay was not written by a human.

3. Check for Lack of Originality

AI-generated essays often lack originality and creativity, as they are based on pre-written templates or algorithms. If an essay lacks unique insights or perspectives, it may be a sign that it was written by AI. Additionally, AI-generated essays may contain clichés or overused phrases that are not commonly used in human writing.

4. Use Plagiarism Detection Software

Plagiarism detection software can be a useful tool for checking if an essay was written by AI. Many universities and schools use plagiarism detection software to check for copied or unoriginal content in student essays. If an essay is flagged as potentially being AI-generated, it may be worth further investigation.

5. Ask the Author

If you are unsure whether an essay was written by AI or a human, it may be helpful to ask the author directly. If the author is unable to provide a clear explanation of their writing process or if they seem evasive when asked about their work, it may be a sign that the essay was not written by a human.


In conclusion, while AI-generated essays are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from those written by humans, there are several ways to check if an essay was written by AI. By checking for unusual grammar and syntax, repetitive language, lack of originality, using plagiarism detection software, or asking the author directly, you can determine whether an essay was written by a human or an AI-powered writing tool.