How To Chat On Webex

WebEx stands out as a widely used platform for video conferencing, enabling real-time communication among its users. A notable aspect of WebEx is its messaging capability, permitting participants to send texts to one another while engaged in a meeting or on a conference call. This article aims to guide you on utilizing the chat function within WebEx.

Starting a Chat

To start a chat on WebEx, you need to be logged in to your account and have an active meeting or conference call. Once you are in a meeting, look for the chat icon, which is usually located at the bottom of the screen. Click on the chat icon, and a new chat window will appear.

Sending Messages

To send a message to someone in the chat, simply type your message in the text box and hit enter. Your message will be sent to all participants in the meeting or conference call. You can also use the chat feature to send private messages to specific individuals by clicking on their name and selecting “Private Message.”

Receiving Messages

When someone sends a message in the chat, you will receive a notification on your screen. You can also customize your chat settings to receive notifications via email or text message.


The chat feature on WebEx is an essential tool for communication during meetings and conference calls. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily start a chat, send messages, and receive notifications from other participants.