How To Change Your Zoom

Adjusting your zoom settings is a beneficial tactic for enhancing both your professional tasks and personal activities. Whether it’s enlarging small text for better readability or scaling down to view more content on your screen simultaneously, modifying the zoom intensity can significantly impact your experience. In this piece, we’ll explore the ways to alter zoom levels across different devices and platforms.

Changing Your Zoom on a Computer

On a computer, changing your zoom is relatively simple. Depending on your operating system, there are a few different ways to adjust your zoom level. For Windows users, you can press the Ctrl and + keys simultaneously to increase your zoom, or Ctrl and - to decrease it. Alternatively, you can access the magnifier tool by pressing Windows Key + +. This will allow you to adjust your zoom level more precisely.

Changing Your Zoom on a Phone or Tablet

On a phone or tablet, changing your zoom can be done through the device’s accessibility settings. For iOS users, go to Settings, then General, and finally Accessibility. From there, you can adjust the zoom level under the Magnifier section. Android users can find similar settings in their device’s accessibility menu.

Changing Your Zoom on a Web Browser

If you need to change your zoom while browsing the web, most modern browsers have built-in tools for adjusting the zoom level. In Chrome, for example, you can press Ctrl and + or Ctrl and - to increase or decrease your zoom respectively. Alternatively, you can access the browser’s settings menu and adjust the zoom level there.


Changing your zoom can be a game-changer for anyone who needs to read small text or see more of their screen at once. By following these simple steps, you can adjust your zoom level on various devices and platforms with ease. Whether you’re using a computer, phone, tablet, or web browser, there are always options available to help you customize your viewing experience.