How To Charge Mavic 2 Zoom Controller

The controller for your Mavic 2 Zoom is a crucial tool that enables simple control and navigation of your drone. Nevertheless, as with all electronic gadgets, it’s important to charge the controller consistently to guarantee it functions at its best. This guide will walk you through how to charge your Mavic 2 Zoom controller, ensuring you get the most out of your device.


Before we begin, it’s important to note that the Mavic 2 Zoom controller comes with a built-in battery. This means that you don’t need to worry about purchasing additional batteries or charging cables. The controller is designed to be charged using the included USB cable and a compatible power source.

Step 1: Connect the Controller to a Power Source

The first step in charging your Mavic 2 Zoom controller is to connect it to a power source. You can use any standard USB port or charger that provides at least 5V and 1A of power. Simply plug the USB cable into the controller’s micro-USB port and the other end into the power source.

Step 2: Check the Charging Status

Once you have connected the controller to a power source, you can check its charging status by looking at the LED indicator on the top of the controller. The LED will turn red when the controller is charging and will turn green once it’s fully charged.

Step 3: Wait for the Controller to Charge

Now that you have connected the controller to a power source and checked its charging status, all you need to do is wait for it to charge. The charging time may vary depending on the power source and the battery level of the controller. However, it usually takes around 2-3 hours to fully charge the controller.

Step 4: Disconnect the Controller from the Power Source

Once the controller is fully charged, you can disconnect it from the power source by unplugging the USB cable. It’s important to note that you should not overcharge the controller as this can damage the battery and reduce its lifespan.


In conclusion, charging your Mavic 2 Zoom controller is a simple process that requires only a few steps. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your controller is always charged and ready to use. Remember to charge the controller regularly to maintain optimal performance and extend its lifespan.