How To Change Your Default Font In Google Docs

In today’s digital age, personalizing your workspace is not just about having a tidy desk with your favorite pen. It extends to digital platforms as well. One such platform is Google Docs. Although it defaults to Arial as a standard font, you can easily change your default font to one that fits your style and preference.

In this blog post, we will guide you step-by-step through the process of setting your preferred font as the default in Google Docs.

Step 1: Open a New Google Docs File

First, navigate to Google Docs on your web browser. You can do this by typing into your address bar or accessing it through the Google apps menu.

Step 2: Accessing the Font Settings

Once you’ve opened a new document, navigate to the toolbar at the top of the page. Click on the Font dropdown menu (the box that displays ‘Arial’ by default).

Step 3: Choosing Your Font

From the dropdown menu, you can browse the vast selection of fonts that Google Docs offers. There’s a search bar at the top of the dropdown menu if you’re looking for a specific font.

Step 4: Changing the Default Font

Now that you’ve selected your preferred font, it’s time to make it your default. To do this, you need to highlight some text with your new font and then open the “Format” tab in the toolbar. Scroll down and hover over “Paragraph styles” then move over to “Normal Text”. From the pop-out menu, click “Update ‘Normal text’ to match.”

You can check that this has worked by typing some text in your document. It should appear in your chosen font.

Step 5: Making it Permanent

Although your current document now uses your chosen font, other documents you create will still default to Arial. To make your font preference permanent, you should save it as a theme.

Go back to the “Format” tab and hover over “Paragraph styles” again. This time, click on “Options” at the bottom. In the pop-out menu, click on “Save as my default styles.”

Your chosen font is now the default for any future documents you create in Google Docs!

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! Now you can personalize your Google Docs experience with your preferred font. Don’t forget, you can always change it again if you find another font you prefer. Happy writing!