How To Change Background Color In Adobe After Effects

If you are unfamiliar with Adobe After Effects or would like to improve your skills, this tutorial will guide you on how to modify the background color in the software. Adobe After Effects is an effective program for creating animations, title sequences, and visual effects.

Changing the Background Color

The process involves the creation of a solid layer that will serve as your background. Here are the steps:

  1. Open your project in Adobe After Effects.
  2. Navigate to the menu bar and click on Layer.
  3. Scroll down and select New then Solid.

You will see a pop-up window titled “Solid Settings”. Here you can choose the color for your background.

// A representation of the Solid Settings window
  "Name": "Background",
  "Color": "[Choose your color]",
  "Width": "Comp Size",
  "Height": "Comp Size",
  "Pixel Aspect Ratio": "Square Pixels"

Once your settings are to your liking, click OK and a new solid layer will be created.

Positioning the Solid Layer

To make sure the solid layer serves as the background, you must position it correctly:

  • Go to the “Layers” panel.
  • Click and drag your newly created solid layer to the bottom of the list. This ensures that it stays behind all other layers and serves as the background.

And voila! You have successfully changed the background color in Adobe After Effects.


Modifying the background color in Adobe After Effects is a simple yet essential aspect of video editing. It’s a basic trick to add depth and personality to your projects. With the help of this guide, you can now change your background color with ease and make your projects more appealing and dynamic.