How To Merge Cells In Jira Table

If you encounter situations in JIRA where you require merging cells, do not fret. Merging cells in a table can have multiple benefits, such as enhancing readability, displaying data in a more organized manner, or giving the table a polished appearance. However, Jira lacks built-in support for cell merging. But don’t panic. In this blog post, we will demonstrate a workaround for merging cells in a Jira table.

Workaround Using Markdown

Jira uses Markdown for its text formatting syntax. This means you can use certain Markdown techniques to create the illusion of merged cells.

Firstly, you’ll need to create a table. You can create a simple table in Jira like this:

||Header 1||Header 2||
|Cell 1.1|Cell 1.2|
|Cell 2.1|Cell 2.2|

This will create a simple 2×2 table with two headers.

Creating “Merged” Cells

Let’s say you want to merge “Cell 1.1” and “Cell 1.2”. You can do this by creating an illusion of a merged cell. Replace “Cell 1.1” and “Cell 1.2” with a single cell that spans across the two columns like below:

||Header 1||Header 2||
|Merged Cell 1|
|Cell 2.1|Cell 2.2|

But remember, this is only creating the illusion of a merged cell. In reality, “Merged Cell 1” is just a cell in the first column that’s missing a corresponding cell in the second column.

Using Add-ons

Another way to merge cells in Jira is by using add-ons. There are several Jira add-ons available that allow you to merge cells, such as the Table Grid add-on and the Advanced Tables for Confluence add-on.

These tools offer you advanced table editing capabilities including merging cells, which you can use to make your tables more complex and detailed. However, keep in mind that these are not free tools, and you would need to purchase them separately.


Merging cells in a Jira table may not be directly possible, but with these workarounds, you can still achieve a similar result. Whether you choose to use Markdown to create the illusion of merged cells or decide to invest in an add-on, the choice depends on your specific needs and budget. Happy table editing in Jira!