How To Cc In Slack

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Slack is a valuable tool for promoting teamwork and collaboration within a group. One of the main advantages of using Slack is the ability to store all discussions and work-related materials in a centralized location. However, the process of carbon copying (CC) someone on a message or thread may be a bit challenging. Unlike email, Slack functions differently in this aspect. Therefore, let’s explore the steps for ‘CC-ing’ someone on Slack.

Tagging Users

Slack doesn’t have a built-in ‘CC’ feature like email. However, you can mention or ‘tag’ users to bring a message or a thread to their attention. Tagging someone is the Slack equivalent of CCing.

To tag a user in Slack, type ‘@’ followed by the username of the person you want to notify. For example, @john_doe. This will send a notification to the tagged person, drawing their attention to the message or thread.

Mentioning Multiple Users

What if you want to mention multiple people in your message, just like you would do with CC in an email? Slack has you covered.

You can either mention each user individually by using the ‘@’ symbol followed by their username. For instance, @john_doe @jane_doe.

Or, you can use the @here command to notify only the active members in a channel, or the @channel command to notify everyone in the channel, regardless of whether they’re active or not.

Using User Groups

If you often find yourself mentioning the same group of people, creating a user group can save you a lot of time. User groups are a way to bundle users together under a single @mention.
To create a user group, use the following command:

/usergroup create @groupname --handle groupname --description "A description of the group"

Replace ‘groupname’ with the name of your group. Once created, you can notify everyone in the group by typing @groupname.


Slack may not have a traditional CC feature like email, but with @mentions, @here, @channel commands, and user groups, you can certainly bring a message or a thread to someone’s attention conveniently and quickly. Happy ‘CC’ing in Slack!