How To Be Always Online On Slack

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Slack is a highly effective communication platform utilized by numerous businesses to enhance their internal communication. Apart from fostering a collaborative atmosphere, it also guarantees that all members are up-to-date. However, there may be instances where being constantly available on Slack may pose challenges, especially if you need to be away from your device temporarily. In this blog post, we will discuss several techniques to help you maintain an “always online” status on Slack.

Change Your Slack Settings

The most straightforward approach to appear always online on Slack is by changing your Slack settings. By default, Slack sets your status to ‘away’ if you’re inactive for 30 minutes.

To change this, go to the Preferences option in the Slack menu, then navigate to the Notifications tab. Here, you can customize when Slack should change your status to ‘away’. To appear always online, select the option “Pause notifications when I’m not active on my computer” and change it to “Never”.

Using Third-Party Tools

If you don’t want to change your Slack settings, you can use third-party tools like Slack Off and Caffeine that prevent your computer from going into idle mode, making you appear always online on Slack.

Slack Off is a handy tool that manipulates your system idle time to keep you online on Slack. Installation and usage are pretty straightforward. You can find it on GitHub and instructions for installation and usage are provided.

Caffeine is another app that can help you stay ‘active’ on Slack. It temporarily prevents your system from going to sleep or displaying your screensaver.

Using Browser Extensions

Another option is to use a browser extension such as Stay Alive for Slack. This extension automatically moves your mouse at given intervals to keep you online. It’s available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers.


Staying always online on Slack can be crucial for many professionals. Whether you go with changing your Slack settings, using third-party apps, or installing browser extensions, you have several options to appear always online. Remember, however, that staying always online can also mean that you receive constant notifications that might disrupt your focus. So use these methods wisely to balance your need to appear online and your productivity.