How To Add Hyperlink In Ai

Including links in AI is a beneficial method to offer supplementary information or resources to your audience. This piece will outline the necessary steps for incorporating links in AI.

Step 1: Identify the Text to Hyperlink

The first step in adding a hyperlink is to identify the text that you want to hyperlink. This can be any text, such as a word or phrase, that you want to link to an external source.

Step 2: Determine the Link Target

Once you have identified the text to hyperlink, you need to determine the target of the link. This can be any website, document, or other resource that you want to direct your audience to.

Step 3: Create the Hyperlink

To create a hyperlink in AI, you will need to use the hyperlink() function. This function takes two arguments: the text to hyperlink and the target of the link. Here’s an example code snippet that shows how to use this function:

# Create a new AI assistant
ai = ai.create()

# Identify the text to hyperlink
text_to_hyperlink = "Click here"

# Determine the link target
link_target = ""

# Create the hyperlink
ai.hyperlink(text_to_hyperlink, link_target)

Step 4: Test the Hyperlink

After creating the hyperlink, it’s important to test it to ensure that it works properly. You can do this by clicking on the text to hyperlink and verifying that you are directed to the correct target.


Adding hyperlinks in AI is a simple process that involves identifying the text to hyperlink, determining the link target, creating the hyperlink, and testing it. By following these steps, you can provide your audience with additional information and resources that can enhance their understanding of your content.