How Do I Dial In To A Zoom Meeting

Joining a Zoom meeting by dialing in offers a straightforward and handy alternative to participating in a video conference without the need for a computer or smartphone. Regardless of your preference for a traditional landline or a mobile phone, you can effortlessly participate in a Zoom meeting by adhering to a few easy instructions.

Step 1: Obtain the Meeting Information

Before you can dial into a Zoom meeting, you need to obtain the necessary information from the meeting host. This includes the meeting ID and passcode, as well as the phone number to dial in.

Meeting ID and Passcode

The meeting ID is a unique identifier that is assigned to each Zoom meeting. It is usually provided by the meeting host in the invitation email or on the meeting confirmation page. The passcode, on the other hand, is an additional layer of security that is required for some meetings. If there is no passcode provided, you can simply leave it blank.

Phone Number to Dial In

The phone number to dial in to a Zoom meeting varies depending on your location and the meeting host’s settings. You can find this information in the invitation email or on the meeting confirmation page. If you are unsure of the correct phone number, you can contact the meeting host for assistance.

Step 2: Dial In to the Meeting

Once you have obtained the necessary information, you can dial in to the Zoom meeting by following these steps:

  1. Dial the phone number provided by the meeting host.
  2. Enter the meeting ID and passcode when prompted. You may need to enter a # or * symbol after entering the passcode, depending on your phone’s settings.
  3. Press the pound (#) key or the star (*) key to join the meeting.

Step 3: Join the Meeting

After dialing in to the Zoom meeting, you will be prompted to enter your name. This is how other participants will see you in the meeting. Once you have entered your name, you can join the meeting by pressing the pound (#) key or the star (*) key.

Step 4: Mute Your Phone

When you first join a Zoom meeting, your phone will be unmuted. To prevent any background noise from disrupting the meeting, it is important to mute your phone by pressing the pound (#) key or the star (*) key.

Step 5: Participate in the Meeting

Once you have joined the Zoom meeting and muted your phone, you can participate in the meeting just like any other participant. You can listen to the conversation, ask questions, and even share your screen if necessary.


Dialing into a Zoom meeting is a simple and convenient way to join a video conference without using your computer or mobile device. By following these steps, you can easily dial in to a Zoom meeting and participate in the conversation just like any other participant.