How Do I Give Someone Access To My Onedrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage solution offered by Microsoft, enabling the storage and sharing of files with other individuals. If you’re interested in allowing someone to access your OneDrive, there are multiple methods to achieve this. In this piece, we’ll explore the procedures for providing access to your OneDrive.

Step 1: Sign in to Your OneDrive Account

The first step is to sign in to your OneDrive account. You can do this by going to and entering your Microsoft account credentials.

Step 2: Select the Folder or File You Want to Share

Once you are signed in, navigate to the folder or file that you want to share. Click on the three dots next to the folder or file and select “Share” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Enter the Email Address of the Person You Want to Share With

In the sharing dialog box, enter the email address of the person you want to share with. You can also add a message if you want to provide any additional information.

Step 4: Choose the Level of Access You Want to Grant

OneDrive allows you to grant different levels of access to your files and folders. You can choose from three options: “View,” “Edit,” or “Full Control.” If you want the person to be able to edit or delete the file, select “Edit” or “Full Control.” If you only want them to be able to view the file, select “View.”

Step 5: Click on “Share”

Once you have entered the email address and chosen the level of access, click on “Share.” The person will receive an email with a link to the shared file or folder.


Granting access to your OneDrive is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. By following these steps, you can easily share files and folders with others and collaborate on projects.