How To Enable Stars On Facebook Reels

Facebook Reels has become a popular platform for creators to share short, engaging videos with followers and fans. One of the features Facebook offers to support these creators is the ‘Stars’ feature, a virtual tipping system enabling fans to show their appreciation for the content they love. If you’re a creator looking to enable Stars on your Facebook Reels, follow our step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Eligibility

Before you can enable Stars, you must first meet Facebook’s eligibility requirements. You must have a minimum of 10,000 followers, have had at least 5 active days in the last 30 days and reached 600,000 total minutes viewed in the last 60 days across all your videos on Facebook. Additionally, you need to be at least 18 years old and not be in violation of any of Facebook’s Community Standards.

Step 2: Accessing Creator Studio

To enable Stars, you’ll first need to navigate to Facebook’s Creator Studio. Log into your Facebook account and click on the dropdown menu in the top right corner. From there, select Creator Studio.

Step 3: Navigating to Monetization Overview

Once you’re in Creator Studio, look in the left-hand menu for the Monetization section and click on Monetization Overview.

Step 4: Enabling Stars

In the Monetization Overview section, you’ll be able to see all available monetization tools. Look for Stars and select the Set Up button next to it.

Step 5: Setting up Payout Account

Next, you’ll need to set up your payout account. This is where you’ll receive the money your fans send you through Stars. Follow the prompts on the screen to set up your payout account. Facebook will ask for some personal details and tax information, so make sure you have those handy.

Step 6: Agree to the Terms and Conditions

After setting up your payout account, you’ll need to read and agree to the Stars Terms and Conditions. This agreement outlines how you can earn Stars, when and how you’ll be paid, and how you can use Stars. It’s important that you carefully read and understand these terms.

Step 7: Enable Stars

Finally, after agreeing to the terms, you’ll be able to enable Stars! Look for a button that says Enable Stars and click on it. Congratulations, you’ve now enabled Stars on your Facebook Reels!


Enabling Stars on Facebook Reels is a great way for creators to monetize their content and connect with their audience in a new, rewarding way. Do keep in mind that it’s important to continue to create engaging content that your audience loves. This will encourage your fans to send Stars, supporting you to keep creating. Happy creating!