Does Canva Use Vectors

Due to the growth of technology in design and marketing, the demand for top-notch graphics has become crucial. A well-known platform for graphic designers and companies is Canva. However, a commonly asked question by its users is, “Are vectors incorporated in Canva?”

In this blog post, we will explore this very question and offer insights into Canva’s capabilities when it comes to vector graphics.

Understanding Vector Graphics

Before we dive into whether Canva uses vectors, let’s first understand what vector graphics are. Simply put, vector graphics are images created using paths, points, and curves. These elements, called vectors, allow the image to be scaled up or down without any loss of quality – a feature that gives vector graphics an advantage over raster images when it comes to scalability and resolution.

Canva and Vector Graphics

So, does Canva use vectors? The simple answer is yes. Canva supports vector graphics and allows users to create, edit, and export designs in various vector formats including SVG, EPS, and PDF. This means that you can create a design in Canva, scale it up or down, and it still retains its high quality.

However, it’s important to note that not all elements within Canva are vector-based. While the platform offers a range of vector graphics to use in your designs, some elements, such as certain images and backgrounds, are raster-based, which means they may lose quality when scaled.

How to Work with Vectors in Canva

Working with vectors in Canva is straightforward. Simply search for vector images in the elements tab or upload your own vector files. Once added to your design, you can scale, color, and edit these vectors to fit your design needs.

When you’re ready to download your design, select the SVG, PDF, or EPS format to maintain the vector qualities of your image. Here is a simple code snippet that demonstrates how to download a design in SVG format:

    // Select 'Download' from the top right corner
    // Choose 'SVG' from the file type options
    // Click 'Download'

Please note that Canva’s support for vector graphics is limited in its free version. Full vector support, including the ability to export designs in SVG, EPS, or PDF formats, is available in Canva Pro.


In conclusion, yes – Canva does use vectors! While not all elements within the platform are vector-based, Canva supports vector graphics and allows for their creation, editing, and exporting. This capability, combined with its intuitive design interface, makes Canva a powerful tool for creating high-quality, scalable designs for various digital platforms.