Can You Send A Mailchimp Campaign To One Person

In the realm of email marketing, Mailchimp stands out as a top platform that offers a variety of powerful features and a user-friendly interface. Surprisingly, you can also employ Mailchimp to send campaigns to a single individual, which can be an unconventional yet vital strategy in certain situations.

Why Would You Send a Mailchimp Campaign to One Person?

Sending a campaign to a single recipient may be necessary for various reasons. For instance, you may want to test the appearance of an email before sending it to your entire list or perhaps send a personalized message to an individual subscriber. Irrespective of your reasons, Mailchimp allows you to do this with ease.

How Can You Send a Mailchimp Campaign to One Person?

Sending a Mailchimp campaign to one person basically involves creating a segment of one person within your audience list. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Once logged into Mailchimp, navigate to ‘Audience’.
  • Select ‘Segments’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on ‘Create Segment’.
  • Set conditions that will result in only one subscriber being selected. This can be done using the subscriber’s email address, name, or any other unique identifier.
  • Click on ‘Preview Segment’ to ensure it contains only the individual you want to send the campaign to.
  • Once you have confirmed your segment, save it and then use it as your audience when creating your campaign.

Essentially, you’re creating a targeted campaign, which is a handy tool for personalization and testing.


While the option of sending a campaign to a single recipient is available, it’s important to remember that it may not be the most effective use of Mailchimp’s features. Campaigns are designed to reach larger audiences and utilize the power of email marketing. Spending time to create a campaign for just one person may not be the best use of resources unless it is for testing or a very specific personalization strategy.


So, to answer the question, “Can you send a Mailchimp campaign to one person?” Yes, you can! While it may not be a common practice, it is a testament to the flexibility and versatility of the Mailchimp platform. Therefore, whether you’re reaching out to one person or a thousand, Mailchimp has the tools to get your message across effectively.