Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor Setup

This tutorial will show you how to setup Microsoft Internet Explorer Content Advisor. Content filter allows you to put limits on what your web browser is able to access based on a rating system. This is very useful for parents trying to block adult sites from children.

Open up internet explorer. On the menu select Tools then Internet Options. (click to enlarge)
Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor Setup

The Internet Option windows will open.
Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor Setup

Click on the content tab at the top of the window
Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor Setup

You will now see the content settings. We want to setup Content Advisor, so click on the enable button under the Content Advisor section.
Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor Setup

The content Advisor Window should now be displayed. If not you may have to hit the Settings button. As you can see the first tab displayed is the Ratings Tab. On this tab you can set the rating levels for different types of content. Click on each category and adjust the slider bar to the level that you wish to allow the user to see. The farther to the right you move the slider bar, the more content the user will see. The description field at the bottom gives you a preview of what the user might see. I want to leave my content filter at the highest level so I do not need to change anything.
Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor Setup

Click on the Approved Sites tab. Here you can allow sites which may be blocked by content filter. You can also block sites that are allowed by content filter. In my experience adding sites to this list and setting them to “always allow” doesn’t always work properly, and I find myself having to add the same site multiple times. If you wish to add a site to this list simply type the name of the site in the Allow this website field. If you wish to allow this website to be view press the Always button. If you want to deny access, press the Never button.
Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor Setup

Now on the General Tab. The first thing you will want to do is go down to the password section and set a password. You can do this by clicking the Change password button.
Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor Setup

The other options you will want to pay attention to are the User Options. The first option “Users can see websites that have no rating”. Leaving this option disabled (unchecked) means that if a site is not rated it will not be allow to be viewed. I always leave it unchecked, simply because the ratings database cannot account for every site online. The Second option “Supervisor can type a password to allow users to view restricted content”, is pretty much self explanatory. If you browse to a blocked site, you will be asked for a password. If you enter the password you can see the site, if you enter a wrong password it will be blocked.
Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor Setup

When you are finished you can hit the Apply button at the bottom, then the OK button to close. Click the OK Button one more time to return to the browser.

Now we can test our settings. Enter in the address bar. As you cans see the site is allow.
Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor Setup

No we will try an unrated site. I like to use, so type it in the address bar. As you can see the page is blocked and the reason is “This page does not have a rating”. (click to enlarge)
Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor Setup

Now if you want to allow access you can enter your password in the password field. Notice above the password field you have options, select one of the options (they are self explanatory).
Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor Setup

Press ok and your website will be shown. (click to enlarge)
Internet Explorer 7 Content Advisor Setup

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  • fadi

    i need new vesion

  • Wayne

    I have the content advisor enabled, but when I try to use MS Money 2008 it brings up the “this page does not have a rating” dialog box. When you try to allow it with the supervisors password it says it cannot save this site. So I can’t use MS Money 2008 with the Content Advisor enabled. Is there a fix?

  • thejoker115

    gt firfox and your problems will be solved

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  • Fernando Ramos

    I am trying to disable my content advisor but, my computer is not responding when i click the disable / setting button. I was wondering if you can please help with this issue?

  • LBJ

    I think that someone put a supervisor password on my Content Advisor or I did it inadvetently and do not know what password I set. Is there a way to reset the password without knowing the current password. The hint area says none.

  • thanks to this site by which i solve my problem.

  • how to set form internet explore 7 brower cant open and brower open from user name and password after i am using that internet explore ok

  • i am using that internet explore 7 i am opening from user name and passwod how to set from password in the internet explore pls mail forwarding from my mail id pls dear

  • RB

    How do I reset my content advisor password and hint?

    Misplaced it, or just forgot it?

  • nice tip 🙂 didn’t know about it before

  • RT

    CA blocks allowed site. Lets users login, and then when they try to click on a link inside, it boots them back to login page. Any clues?

  • helen

    How can I re set up Internet Explorer 07 from 08?

  • Alan

    when i log on to vista the content advisor password appreas. i disabled it in IE and removed the password key in the registry. but to no avail. i need advice on how to stop this password that appears everty time i logon.

  • old_dog

    This site is a major pain on the backside. I don’t remember putting in on my system. Know I just want to find out how to remove it. Anyone! Anyone!
    Thank You

  • gto

    Im trying to disable content advisory in IE7, but i don’t remember the password. can you help me to disable it please

    thank you

  • Noushad

    A web site itself will offer many links some ore good and some are bad like youtube. So how do i restrict the users from using some pages in the same site?

    Can we filter the link address the user press(suppose the link itself contains some words that may indicate the content of the page?

    Please guide me on this

  • hcrawfor

    When I ‘Enable’ “Content Advisor” in IE8 and restrict just porn sites…. EVERY website I try to visit — even MSN. com, Yahoo, and others that ought to be safe — indicate restricted content and I have to keep putting in my password just to go there! The same thing happens with EVERY word I place in a ‘search engine.’ I need to enter my password before the search will begin.

    If I check the box for “Users can see websites that have no rating” then I might as well not even use ‘Content Advisor’… because no site is restricted. Any help would be most appreciated.

  • lynn

    By checking the box for “users can see websites that have no rating,” it will solve your issue. You need to put in specific sites that you don’t want accessible.

  • Ange Samson

    I have tried all I can think of and that is shown to remove Content ADvisor to no avail.
    I need some very easy to understand and complete instructions to get rid of this major problem.
    I am the only one who uses this computer I do no need this control.

  • azis

    This method I have done, but if I open it using, the web still be opened, perhaps there are ways to block the google search?

    but if I use this address :
    to block, all searching failed

  • Mike

    Okay, I have added all the sites that i want allowed on my computer. This computer is used by several employees and I am trying to correct some surfing habits. The problem that I am having is that a website that is allowed i still have to enter the password to tell it is okay to view this site.
    Is there a command or something that I can put in the allowed section that would allow all pages from that site to be viewed so that I don’t have to enter my password everytime the site is visited and a new page on that site is viewed.
    Mike (I am desperate) Flood

  • I agree Mike.Thanks.

  • angelxiao

    I CAN’T OPEN IE7 ANYMORE EVERYTIME I TURN THE CONTENT ADVISOR ON. IT SHOWS ME THE SAME POP UP MESSAGE EVERYTIME THAT THE PROGRAM NEEDS TO BE CLOSED. I’ve been using IE7 for a long time now. But it’s the first time I encountered this error message despite turning on the content advisor a long time ago. PLEASE HELP!

  • Alan Terrill

    I’m trying to use this feature to block twitter but although I’ve added, and it only blocks the site if I put the address in IE with the www in front. If I type in it alows me to open it. IS there a specific format for sites that will cover all possible addresses that include twitter?

  • JeffD

    Can anyone tell me if Content Advisor will filter for unrated sites even if they are listed in Approved Sites? For example, I added a site into the Approved list but because I have the unrated sites restricted it won’t allow it through.

    Thanks, Jeff

  • sarfraz

    when i set a password internet explorer for unapproved website, and i put only one websites in unapproved list, but explore ask for password for every website even if i didn’t put the web in unapproved can i resolved this issue??

  • Yassora 2001

     when i set a password internet explorer for unapproved website, and i
    put only one websites in unapproved list, but explore ask for password
    for every website even if i didn’t put the web in unapproved
    can i resolved this issue??

  • ramachandra

    This was very helpful to me really

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