Why Is My Mailchimp Campaign Still Sending

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve created a campaign in Mailchimp, pressed the ‘send’ button, and then unexpectedly, it seems that the campaign is continuously sending? This is a frequently asked question in the Mailchimp user community and can be confusing. However, there are explanations and helpful solutions to resolve this issue.

Campaign Status Overview

In Mailchimp, when you’ve sent out a campaign, it will typically show as ‘Sent’ in your campaign overview. But sometimes, it may continue to show as ‘Sending’. This can be due to two main reasons:

  1. Delayed Delivery: Sometimes, due to server load or other technical issues, there can be a delay in the delivery of your emails. They are sent out, but in a staggered manner, and hence, the campaign shows as still ‘Sending’.
  2. Resends to non-openers: In this instance, your campaign might have been set up to be re-sent to non-openers after a certain period. So, while the original campaign has been sent, Mailchimp is still sending out the re-sends, thus the campaign status remains as ‘Sending’.

How to Stop a Mailchimp Campaign from Sending

If you’ve identified that your campaign is still sending and you want to stop it, here are some steps you can follow:

1. Check your resend settings:

First, check if you have set up any resending options. You can do this by going to the campaign and checking the settings under the ‘Resend to non-openers’ section. If this is active, you can de-activate it.

2. Contact Mailchimp support:

If the issue isn’t resolved by checking the resend settings, then it’s time to contact Mailchimp support. They can help you identify the issue and provide a solution. Remember, their support is available 24/7, and you can reach them through email or live chat.

To summarize, a campaign can continue to show as ‘Sending’ due to either delayed delivery or because resends to non-openers are active. Both of these can be addressed, either by waiting for the campaign to fully send or adjusting your settings in Mailchimp. If all else fails, get in touch with Mailchimp support for further assistance.

Happy emailing!