Why Is Mailchimp So Hard To Use

Despite its widespread popularity as an email marketing platform, MailChimp has gained a reputation for being intricate and challenging to navigate. This can be daunting for both new users and experienced professionals. But what exactly causes MailChimp to be perceived as challenging?

A Steep Learning Curve

The first issue that many users face is MailChimp’s steep learning curve. Users are required to understand a variety of terminologies related to email marketing. Terms like segments, tags, and campaigns can be confusing for beginners. Plus, MailChimp’s interface – although visually appealing – is rather different from other email marketing tools, which can be disorienting.

Complexity of Features

Another reason why MailChimp can be difficult to use is the complexity of its features. While these features provide tremendous functionality, they also add to the complexity of the platform. For instance, setting up automated emails – a key part of any email marketing strategy – can be a confusing process for beginners.

MailChimp provides an extensive array of triggers and conditions for email automation, thus requiring a deep understanding of these elements. Configuring these settings improperly can lead to less-than-optimal results, such as sending emails to the wrong segment of customers, or not sending emails at all.

Integration Woes

MailChimp’s integration with other services can also be a source of frustration. While it does integrate with a large number of services, the process is not always straightforward. For instance, integrating MailChimp with popular platforms like WordPress requires the use of plugins which can be difficult to configure.


In conclusion, while MailChimp is a powerful tool for email marketing, its complexity and steep learning curve can make it hard to use, especially for beginners. However, with patient exploration and learning, it is possible to unlock its vast potential and harness it for effective marketing campaigns.