Why Does Canva Reduce Image Quality

Canva is a highly influential design program that has gained popularity among both artists and individuals looking to elevate the appearance of their projects. It is truly a remarkable tool with a plethora of capabilities. Nevertheless, there is one aspect that can perplex users – the final result sometimes displays lower image quality. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Canva’s reduction of image quality and offer solutions to mitigate this issue.

Understanding Image Quality Reduction

When Canva reduces the quality of images, it’s primarily due to two factors:

  • Compression: Canva compresses the images to reduce their size. This compression is essential as it makes the files lighter, easier to share, and quicker to load. However, it often results in a loss of some details.
  • Resolution: The resolution of an image refers to the amount of detail it holds. If you upload a low-resolution image to Canva, it will remain at the same quality. However, if you have a high-resolution image and you resize it on Canva, it may lose quality.

How to Prevent Quality Reduction?

Now that we understand why Canva reduces image quality, let’s discuss some methods to mitigate this.

1. Using High-Quality Images

Start with high-resolution images. By ensuring your original image is of the highest quality, you lessen the impact of any quality loss through compression or resizing.

2. Proper Resizing

If you resize an image in Canva, aim to reduce its size rather than increase it. Enlarging an image may lead to pixelation, thus reducing its quality.

3. Download in the Right Format

The file format in which you download your design can also affect its quality. For instance, a PNG file is a better choice for designs with images due to its lossless compression.


Canva’s tendency to reduce image quality is primarily a result of compression and resizing processes, both of which are often necessary for different reasons. By understanding these factors and implementing the strategies above, you can ensure your designs retain their quality as much as possible. Happy designing!