Where Does Canva Get Their Images

Canva is a widely used design platform known for its easy-to-use interface and vast collection of images. But have you ever questioned the origin of these images? The answer to this may not be straightforward as pictures on Canva are sourced from various places.

Stock Photography Sites

The majority of images on Canva are sourced from stock photography websites. Canva has partnerships with numerous stock photo sites such as Getty Images and Pexels. When you, as a Canva user, access these images, you are, in essence, accessing a vast stock photo database that Canva has rights to use.

User-Uploaded Images

Another significant source of Canva’s imagery is its users. Canva allows its users to upload their own images and use them in their designs. These images can be photos taken by the users themselves or royalty-free images downloaded from the internet. While these images can be used freely within the platform, Canva does not have the rights to redistribute them or make them available to other users.

Canva’s Own Library

In addition to the above, Canva has its own graphic design team that continually creates and adds original photos, illustrations, and icons to their library. This is part of their commitment to ensuring a diverse and high-quality array of images.


In conclusion, Canva sources its images from various places, including stock photography websites, user uploads, and its own in-house graphic design team. This diverse sourcing allows Canva to offer a wide range of images, catering to virtually every conceivable design need.