What Does Canva Pro Do

If you work in the digital marketing or graphic design industry, then chances are you are already acquainted with Canva. This renowned graphic design software has greatly revolutionized the process of creating visual content for designers, bloggers, and even entrepreneurs. But have you heard about Canva Pro? What additional benefits does this subscription plan provide? Let’s delve deeper to discover.

Unlimited Access to Premium Assets

With Canva Pro, you get unlimited access to over 60 million premium stock images, videos, audio, and graphics. This is a significant upgrade from the free version, which only provides access to a limited number of free assets.

Brand Kit and Custom Templates

Canva Pro allows you to create a brand kit where you can easily save your brand’s colors, fonts and logos for quick access. You can also create and save custom templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you need to design something new.

Resize and Schedule Social Media Posts

One of the most loved features of Canva Pro is its magic resize tool. With just a single click, you can resize any design to fit various social media platforms. Additionally, you can schedule social media posts directly from Canva Pro, making it a convenient tool for managing your online presence.

Collaboration Features

Canva Pro also offers collaboration features, allowing you to work with your team on designs in real time. You can also easily share design folders with your team, ensuring everyone has access to the right files.

Advanced Photo Editing Tools

Last but not least, with Canva Pro, you have access to advanced photo editing tools. This includes background remover, filters, adjustments, and the ability to add animations to your designs.


In conclusion, Canva Pro is a step-up from the free version of Canva, offering a plethora of features that make designing and managing your brand’s visual content much easier. From access to premium assets, powerful editing tools, to collaboration features, Canva Pro proves to be a worthy investment for those who regularly engage in graphic design tasks.