Renew Canva Pro Github

We will be providing you with instructions on how to extend your Canva Pro membership with the help of GitHub in this blog post. Canva is a platform for graphic design that lets users design social media graphics, presentations, posters, and other visual content. Canva Pro is the paid version that comes with extra features including premium templates, team capabilities, unlimited storage for photos and assets, and more. GitHub, on the other hand, is a collaboration and version control platform that allows multiple individuals to work together on projects.

Linking Canva and Github

One of the benefits of linking Canva and Github is the ability to manage your graphic design assets in a more systematic and organized way. This is especially useful for developers who want to keep track of their design changes and updates.

Renewing Canva Pro Via GitHub

To renew your Canva Pro subscription through GitHub, you will need a Github account with a linked payment method. Note that this is not a feature supported directly by Canva or GitHub, and requires code-level manipulation.

Steps to follow:

Here are the steps to renew your Canva Pro subscription through GitHub:

  1. Log into your Github account.
  2. Create a new repository and name it as you like, for example, “canva-pro-renew”.
  3. In this repository, create a new JavaScript file, e.g., “canva-pro-renew.js”.
  4. Inside the .js file, you will need to write a script that triggers the payment process on the Canva website.

    Please, be aware that this process requires advanced coding skills and a deep understanding of both platforms’ APIs. We highly recommend seeking professional help if you’re unable to proceed from here.

var canvaUrl = '';
var request = require('request');
    function (error, response, body) {
        if (!error && response.statusCode == 200) {

This is a simple example and it may not work as expected due to the complexity of the actual payment process. Please do not attempt this without proper knowledge and always test on a dummy account to avoid unexpected charges.

Remember, Canva Pro and Github are two different platforms and any integration between these two platforms should be done with compliance to their Terms of Use. This blog post is meant for educational purposes only and we do not advocate or promote manipulating platforms in any unauthorized manner.


In conclusion, it’s possible to renew your Canva Pro subscription using Github, but it’s not a straightforward process. It requires advanced coding skills and knowledge of both Canva and Github APIs. We recommend renewing your Canva Pro subscription directly through the Canva website to avoid any complications or unexpected charges.