How To View Competitors Facebook Ads

Facebook, a top online advertising platform, has unveiled a new feature that promotes transparency by permitting any individual to access the current advertisements being run by a Facebook Page. This is a wonderful chance to observe competitor actions, gain knowledge from their tactics, and gather intel. In our latest blog post, we will provide instructions on how to view the Facebook ads of your competitors.

Step 1: Find the Facebook Page

The first step is to locate the Facebook Page of your competitor. Simply enter the name of the business in the search bar at the top of Facebook and navigate to their official Facebook Page.

Step 2: Navigate to ‘Page Transparency’

On the competitor’s Facebook Page, you’ll find a box labeled ‘Page Transparency‘ on the right-hand side. Click on ‘See All’.

Step 3: Access ‘Ad Library’

In the Page Transparency section, you’ll find information about the page’s history, including any name changes. More importantly, there is a section entitled ‘Ads From This Page‘. Here, click on ‘Go to Ad Library‘.

Step 4: Explore the Ad Library

The Ad Library will display all the active ads the page is running across Facebook’s products. You can view the ad’s creative, copy, and even see the platforms where the ad is running.

Important Points to Remember

  • The Ad Library only shows active ads. If an ad isn’t currently running, it won’t appear here.
  • You won’t be able to see specific ad metrics, like reach, engagement, or cost data. The purpose of this tool is transparency, not business intelligence.
  • The ad library will also include information if the ads were about social issues, elections or politics and they were run after May 2018.


While you can’t see detailed metrics from your competitor’s ads, you can understand their messaging, creative strategy, and what products or promotions they’re pushing. This information is crucial in understanding their marketing approach and can help shape your own strategies.

Remember, this isn’t about copying or replicating your competitors, but rather learning and using this information to make strategic decisions that align with your own business goals. Happy researching!