How To View Closed Sprints In Jira

In the modern age of technology, project management tools are essential for the success of any project. Among the various options available, Jira stands out as a versatile and robust tool for project management and issue tracking, particularly in agile projects. It provides the necessary tools to effectively plan, monitor, and oversee your agile software development projects. A notable feature in Jira is its ability to handle sprints.

In an agile project, a sprint refers to a set period during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review. When a sprint is closed, it simply means that the work scheduled for that sprint has been completed. But, what if you need to revisit or view these closed sprints? In Jira, you can easily do this. Let us guide you through the steps on how to view closed sprints in Jira.

Step-by-Step Guide to View Closed Sprints

Below is a simple guide that you can follow:

  1. Log in to your Jira account.

  2. Click on your desired project under the ‘Projects’ dropdown menu.

  3. Now, navigate to the Backlog of your project.

  4. On the Backlog page, you will see a tab on the left-hand side called “Sprints”. Click on this tab.

  5. Under this ‘Sprints’ tab, you will find a section titled “Completed Sprints”. This is where all your closed sprints live.

  6. Click on the sprint name that you wish to view.

And voila! You are now able to view the closed sprints. The sprint report would provide you with the detailed statistics, burndown chart, and the list of issues that were part of the sprint.


In a nutshell, learning how to view closed sprints in Jira can help you in analyzing your project’s progress and performance over time. It can also assist in planning future sprints more effectively. We hope this guide has been helpful to you. Happy project managing!