How To Use Zephyr In Jira

In this article, we will discuss the utilization of Zephyr in Jira, an extension that enriches the current features of Jira by offering complete test management capabilities. With Zephyr in Jira, teams can effectively handle all stages of their testing process, such as test development, execution, and analysis, without having to leave the Jira platform.


The first step to using Zephyr in Jira is to install the Zephyr for Jira add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace. Once installed, Zephyr integrates seamlessly with Jira.

Creating a Test Case

Creating a test case in Zephyr for Jira is straightforward. You can create a new test issue type using the ‘Create’ button at the top of your Jira dashboard. When creating a new issue, simply select “Test” from the “Issue Type” drop-down menu to create a Zephyr test case.

Writing Test Steps

Once you’ve created a test case, you can add steps to it. Each step represents an individual action that the tester should take. These steps can be written in the ‘Test Details’ section of the test case. Please note, you can add a new step by clicking the ‘Add Step’ button.

Executing Test Cases

You can execute test cases within Zephyr in Jira by opening the test case you wish to execute and clicking on the ‘Execute’ button. When the test execution screen appears, you can choose the execution status (e.g., “Pass,” “Fail,” “Not Executed”) for each step in the test.

Here’s a simple example of executing a test case:

Test Case: Verify the login functionality
Step 1: Open the application
Execution Status: Pass
Step 2: Enter valid credentials and click 'Login'
Execution Status: Pass

Generating Test Metrics

One of the great advantages of using Zephyr in Jira is the ability to generate comprehensive test metrics. This can be done via the ‘Test Summary’ section, which provides a high-level overview of testing activities and results. You can view metrics such as the total number of tests, the number of tests executed, and the pass/fail rate.


Zephyr for Jira is a powerful add-on that can significantly enhance your team’s testing practices. By integrating seamlessly with Jira, it enables teams to manage all aspects of their testing lifecycle within a single, unified platform. Whether you’re creating and executing test cases, or generating detailed test metrics, Zephyr for Jira has got you covered!