How To Use Trello As A Bullet Journal

The idea of bullet journaling has transformed how people manage their lives. Yet, some may not prefer the manual method of designing bullet journal layouts and monitoring progress on paper. Fortunately, technology now offers the option of using a digital format for bullet journaling. Trello is a platform that enables the creation of a digital bullet journal. This blog post will provide instructions on utilizing Trello as a bullet journal.

What is Trello?

Trello is an online tool for project management and personal organization. It uses the concept of boards (which represent projects) and within boards are cards (which represent tasks). The cards move across lists (which represent stages of a project) to depict progress.

Set Up Your Trello Account

The first step to using Trello as a bullet journal is setting up a Trello account. Navigate to the Trello website and sign up for a free account.

Create Your Bullet Journal Board

To start your bullet journal, create a new board. You can do this by clicking on the plus sign at the top right corner of your Trello homepage and selecting “Create Board”. You can name it ‘My Bullet Journal’.

Setting Up Lists

Once your board is set up, you can begin setting up your lists. Typical lists in a bullet journal might include: ‘To-Do’, ‘Doing’, and ‘Done’, but feel free to customize these to suit your personal needs.

Create Cards

In Trello, tasks are represented by cards. You can create a new card by clicking on the “+ Add another card” link at the bottom of a list. Each card can hold descriptions, checklist, due dates and attachments.

Keeping Track of Your Progress

The beauty of using Trello as a bullet journal is the ability to move tasks (cards) from one list to another as you make progress. This is as simple as clicking and dragging a card from one list and dropping it in another.

Personalize Your Bullet Journal

Trello allows you to personalize your bullet journal with labels, backgrounds and stickers. You can use labels to categorize tasks and backgrounds to differentiate between different boards.


Trello offers a flexible, customizable and easy-to-use platform for bullet journaling. While it might take a while to get used to if you’re transitioning from paper, the switch is definitely worth it. Happy bullet journaling!