How To Use Facebook Ads Credit

If you are a business owner or marketer, you may have encountered Facebook ads credit and questioned its use. Essentially, Facebook ads credit is like receiving ‘free money’ that can be applied towards your Facebook advertising expenses. This guide will walk you through the process of utilizing these credits.

Step 1: Check Your Facebook Ads Credit Balance

The first thing you want to do is to check your ads credit balance. You can do this by going to the Payments section in your Ads Manager. You will see your balance under ‘Payment Methods’.

Step 2: Set Up Your Ad

Next, you can start creating your ad. Follow the regular process of setting up a Facebook ad. Make sure you have selected the right Facebook Page and Ad account.

Step 3: Use the Credit

When you get to the payment stage, Facebook will automatically use any available ad credit before charging your primary payment method. The ad credit will be used up as your ad gets exposure.

Keep Track of Your Ad Credit

It’s important to keep track of your ad credit balance. You will be charged your normal payment method once the ad credit has been used up. To avoid unexpected charges, keep an eye on your ad credit balance.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few things to remember when using Facebook ad credits:

  • Expiration: Ad credits generally have an expiration date. Be sure to use them up before they expire.
  • Non-transferrable: Ad credits cannot be transferred to another account. They are to be used by the account they were given to.


Facebook ads credit can be a handy tool to cut down on your advertising costs. Be sure to make the most of them when you get them.

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