How To Use Clockwise In Slack

Slack has emerged as a vital instrument for numerous teams and organizations to boost teamwork and communication. A valuable feature within Slack is the capability to utilize the “Clockwise” app. In this piece, I’ll walk you through how to employ Clockwise in Slack, while also sharing my own insights and recommendations throughout.

What is Clockwise?

Clockwise is a handy app that can help you manage your time more efficiently in Slack. It integrates seamlessly into your Slack workspace and allows you to automate your calendar scheduling, prioritize tasks, and balance your workload. With Clockwise, you can ensure that your time is optimized and that meetings are scheduled at the most convenient times.

Installing and Setting up Clockwise

To start using Clockwise in Slack, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Slack app and navigate to the App Directory by clicking on the Apps section in the left sidebar.
  2. In the search bar, type “Clockwise” and select the Clockwise app from the results.
  3. Click on the “Add to Slack” button to install the Clockwise app to your workspace.
  4. Grant the necessary permissions to Clockwise to access your Slack workspace.
  5. Once installed, you can configure your Clockwise settings by clicking on the “Clockwise” app in the Apps section of Slack.

When setting up Clockwise, you will have the option to connect your calendar (such as Google Calendar or Outlook) to enable the app to sync your events and availability. This way, Clockwise can intelligently schedule meetings based on your existing commitments and preferences.

Using Clockwise in Slack

Once Clockwise is set up, you can start using its features to optimize your time in Slack.

Scheduling Meetings

To schedule a meeting using Clockwise, simply type “/clockwise schedule” followed by the meeting details. For example:

/clockwise schedule Meeting with Marketing Team next Monday at 2 PM

Clockwise will find the best time slot for the meeting based on the availability of the participants and your preferences. It will then create an event in your connected calendar and send out invitations to the participants.

Managing Your Availability

Clockwise also allows you to set your availability preferences to protect your focused work time. You can customize your working hours, define your preferred meeting times, and even block off specific time slots when you want to avoid any interruptions.

To set your availability preferences, use the “/clockwise preferences” command. For example:

/clockwise preferences Working hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM. Avoid scheduling meetings on Fridays.

This way, Clockwise will take into account your preferences when scheduling meetings and help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

My Personal Experience with Clockwise

As someone who values productivity and efficiency, Clockwise has been a game-changer for me in managing my time in Slack. I no longer have to spend hours juggling between calendars and manually scheduling meetings. Clockwise takes care of all the scheduling complexities, allowing me to focus on my work and be present in meetings when needed.

Moreover, Clockwise’s intelligent algorithms have helped me identify patterns in my schedule and optimize my availability. By setting clear boundaries and maximizing my focused work time, I have noticed a significant increase in my productivity and overall well-being.


Using Clockwise in Slack can greatly enhance your time management and productivity. With its intuitive features and seamless integration, you can enjoy the benefits of automated scheduling and optimized availability. Give Clockwise a try and experience the power of efficient time management in Slack!