How To Track Goals In Notion

Notion serves as a potent instrument for task management and goal monitoring. In the following article, we’ll delve into the methods of utilizing Notion efficiently to keep tabs on your objectives.

Setting Up Your Goals

The first step in tracking your goals in Notion is to set up your goals. You can create a new page or database for your goals and add columns for each goal you want to track. You can also add tags or labels to help organize your goals.

Creating Tasks

Once you have set up your goals, you can start creating tasks that will help you achieve them. You can create a new page or database for your tasks and link them to your goals. You can also add due dates and reminders to keep yourself on track.

Tracking Progress

To track your progress, you can use the built-in features in Notion. You can create a table or list view to see all of your tasks and goals in one place. You can also add filters to help narrow down your view and focus on specific goals or tasks.

Setting Up Reminders

Remembering to check in on your goals can be challenging, but Notion makes it easy with reminders. You can set up reminders for individual tasks or for your entire goal list. This will help ensure that you stay on track and don’t forget about your goals.


Tracking your goals in Notion is a great way to stay organized and motivated. By setting up your goals, creating tasks, tracking progress, and setting up reminders, you can ensure that you are making steady progress towards achieving your goals.