How To Target Nationality In Facebook Ads

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Utilizing Facebook for advertisement is now a crucial element in a successful digital marketing plan. The platform’s sophisticated targeting options are a major factor in its triumph. Among these options is the feature to target users according to their nationality. This can prove advantageous in reaching a particular demographic for your company. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to target nationality when creating Facebook ads.

Step 1: Create a New Ad Set

The first step is creating a new ad set. Log in to your Facebook Business Manager account, select the ‘Ads Manager’ and click on ‘Create’. From there, choose your objective and name your campaign. Select ‘Continue’ to proceed to the next phase.

Step 2: Define Your Audience

In your new ad set, the next step is to define your target audience. Under the ‘Audience’ section, you’ll see options to fill in details about your desired demographic. This is where you can get specific about who you want to target.

Step 3: Location and Language Settings

Firstly, you can target people based on their location. Facebook gives you options to target people who live in a particular place, or were recently in a certain location. Secondly, you can target users based on the languages they speak.

Step 4: Detailed Targeting

This feature allows you to input further details to refine your audience. Enter the nationality you want to target in the ‘Detailed Targeting’ box.

Step 5: Review and Confirm

Once you’ve entered all of your desired targeting information, make sure to review everything carefully. If everything looks good, hit ‘Confirm’ to set your audience. You can now create your ad content and publish your campaign.


Facebook advertising is a powerful tool that can help you reach a specific demographic effortlessly. Targeting nationality in Facebook ads assists you in tailoring your message to resonate with the right audience. Use this guide to make the most of your Facebook ad campaigns.