How To Start A Zoom In Slack

Initiating a Zoom call via Slack offers a smooth and effective method for uniting your team in a digital meeting. As someone who works remotely, I’ve discovered this functionality to be exceedingly beneficial for maintaining contact with my team members. Within this piece, I’ll walk you through the steps to start a Zoom call in Slack, sharing my own advice and observations throughout.

Step 1: Install the Zoom app for Slack

The first step is to install the Zoom app for Slack. This integration allows you to seamlessly start and schedule Zoom meetings directly within your Slack workspace. To install the app, simply go to the Slack App Directory and search for “Zoom”. Once you find the Zoom app, click on the “Install” button and follow the prompts to authorize the integration.

Step 2: Connect your Zoom account

After installing the Zoom app, you’ll need to connect your Zoom account to your Slack workspace. To do this, open the Zoom app in Slack and click on the “Connect Zoom Account” button. You will be redirected to the Zoom website, where you can enter your Zoom credentials and authorize the connection.

Step 3: Start a Zoom call

Now that you have the Zoom app installed and your account connected, you’re ready to start a Zoom call in Slack. To start a call, simply open a direct message or a channel in Slack and type “/zoom” followed by the name of the person or the channel you want to invite to the call.

For example, if I want to start a call with my colleague John, I would type “/zoom @john” in the message input field. Slack will then display a preview of the Zoom call, including the meeting details and a join button.

Once you’re ready to start the call, click on the join button and you will be redirected to the Zoom meeting room. From there, you can utilize all the features and functionalities available in Zoom, such as screen sharing, recording, and chat.

Step 4: Schedule a Zoom call

In addition to starting instant Zoom calls, the Slack integration also allows you to schedule future Zoom meetings directly within Slack. To do this, type “/zoom schedule” followed by the date and time of the meeting, as well as the participants’ names or the channel you want to invite.

For instance, if I want to schedule a meeting for tomorrow at 2:00 PM with John and Sarah, I would type “/zoom schedule tomorrow at 2:00 PM @john @sarah” in the message input field. Slack will then create a calendar event and send out invitations to the specified participants.

Personal Touch:

I personally find the ability to schedule Zoom meetings within Slack to be a game-changer. It saves me the hassle of switching between different platforms and ensures that all the meeting details are easily accessible for everyone involved.


Starting a Zoom call in Slack not only streamlines the process of setting up virtual meetings but also enhances collaboration and communication within your team. The integration between Slack and Zoom provides a seamless experience that allows you to start instant calls or schedule future meetings with ease. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to leveraging the power of Slack and Zoom to stay connected with your team, regardless of your physical location.