How To Sell Ebooks On Woocommerce

WooCommerce is a widely used e-commerce platform that enables you to offer both tangible and digital goods over the internet. This article will explore the process of selling ebooks through WooCommerce.

Step 1: Create a Product Category

The first step in selling ebooks on WooCommerce is to create a product category for your ebooks. To do this, go to the “Products” tab and click on “Categories.” From there, you can add a new category by clicking on “Add New.” Give your category a name that accurately reflects the type of ebooks you will be selling.

Step 2: Create a Product

Once you have created a product category, it’s time to create a product. Go to the “Products” tab and click on “Add New.” From there, you can enter all of the necessary information about your ebook, such as the title, description, price, and more. Make sure to select “Digital” as the product type.

Step 3: Upload Your Ebook

After creating your product, you will need to upload your ebook file. Go to the “Files” tab and click on “Add File.” From there, select the file you want to upload and click on “Save Changes.” Make sure to select the appropriate file type for your ebook.

Step 4: Set Up Your Download Link

Once your ebook is uploaded, you will need to set up a download link. Go to the “Downloads” tab and click on “Add Download.” From there, enter the name of your file and select the appropriate file type. You can also choose whether or not to allow customers to download the file multiple times.

Step 5: Set Up Your Payment Gateway

Finally, you will need to set up a payment gateway so that customers can purchase your ebook. Go to the “Settings” tab and click on “Checkout.” From there, select the payment gateway you want to use and enter all of the necessary information.


Selling ebooks on WooCommerce is a great way to reach a wider audience and increase your revenue. By following these steps, you can set up your store and start selling ebooks in no time. Remember to keep track of your sales and make adjustments as needed to ensure that your business is successful.