How To See Competitors Facebook Ads

Facebook is a highly effective advertising tool that enables businesses to accurately reach their desired audience. Yet, it can be challenging to monitor your competitors’ activities on the platform. This article will explore techniques for viewing your competitors’ Facebook ads and utilizing that knowledge to enhance your own marketing tactics.

Step 1: Identify Your Competitors

The first step in seeing your competitors’ Facebook ads is identifying who your competitors are. This can be done by conducting research on the internet or by asking your customers who they consider to be your competition.

Step 2: Use Facebook Ad Library

Once you have identified your competitors, you can use Facebook’s Ad Library to see their ads. The Ad Library is a tool that allows users to search for and view all the ads that are currently running on Facebook.

  • Go to
  • Search for your competitors’ pages or profiles
  • Click on their page or profile and select “Ads” from the menu
  • Scroll through their ads to see what they are promoting

Step 3: Use Facebook’s Ad Preferences

Another way to see your competitors’ Facebook ads is by using Facebook’s Ad Preferences. This tool allows you to see the ads that are being shown to you based on your interests and behavior.

  • Go to
  • Click on “Your Interests” or “Advertisers You’ve Interacted With”
  • Scroll through the ads that are being shown to you based on your interests and behavior


Seeing your competitors’ Facebook ads can be a valuable tool for improving your own marketing strategy. By using Facebook’s Ad Library and Ad Preferences, you can gain insights into what your competitors are promoting and how they are targeting their audience. This information can help you create more effective ads that resonate with your target audience and drive conversions.