How To Repair Adobe After Effects

During your creative endeavors, you might encounter challenges with Adobe After Effects. These could vary from small hiccups to significant issues that impede the application from starting or functioning correctly. This blog post aims to offer a thorough tutorial on fixing Adobe After Effects.

Method 1: Update Adobe After Effects

Before proceeding with any drastic solutions, it’s often best to check if you’re running the latest version of Adobe After Effects. Sometimes, the issues you’re experiencing could be due to bugs that have been addressed in more recent versions.

To check for updates, follow the steps below:

1. Open Adobe Creative Cloud application.
2. Locate Adobe After Effects in the Apps section.
3. If there is an “Update” button next to the app, click on it to update the application.

Method 2: Reset Adobe After Effects Preferences

Another common solution to application issues is resetting your preferences. This process will restore After Effects to its default settings, which can often clear up any bugs or issues.

Here is how to reset Adobe After Effects preferences:

1. Close After Effects.
2. Hold down Shift + Alt/Option + Control/Command while After Effects is starting.
3. A dialog box will appear, click “Yes” to delete the preference file.

Method 3: Reinstall Adobe After Effects

If updating and resetting preferences do not work, a more drastic solution might be to reinstall Adobe After Effects. This involves uninstalling the current version of the software and then reinstalling it.

To reinstall Adobe After Effects, do the following:

1. Open Adobe Creative Cloud.
2. Navigate to the Apps section.
3. Find Adobe After Effects and click on the three vertical dots to its right.
4. Click “Uninstall”.
5. After the uninstallation process is complete, go back to the Apps section and click “Install” next to Adobe After Effects.

This process should give you a clean installation of Adobe After Effects, and hopefully resolve any issues you were encountering.


While Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool for videographers and animators, it’s not immune to occasional issues. By updating, resetting preferences, or reinstalling the software, you can often resolve any problems and get back to creating. If all else fails, Adobe Support is always available to assist you.