How To Remove Password From Pdf

Ever been stuck with a password-protected PDF and struggled to get to the information inside? I certainly have. Be it a crucial document or just a file you want to make changes to, getting rid of the PDF password can be a real time-saver and eliminate frustration. In this article, I will walk you through the steps on how to remove a password from a PDF, making it a straightforward process.

Step 1: Choose the Right Tool

There are several tools available online that claim to remove password protection from PDF files. However, it’s important to choose a reliable and trustworthy tool to ensure the security and integrity of your files. One popular and reputable tool is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Step 2: Open the Password-Protected PDF

Once you have Adobe Acrobat Pro DC installed on your computer, open the program and navigate to the “File” menu. From there, select “Open” and choose the password-protected PDF file you want to remove the password from.

Step 3: Enter the Password

After opening the PDF file, you’ll be prompted to enter the password. This step is necessary to prove that you have the right to remove the password from the file. Enter the password and click “OK” to proceed.

Step 4: Remove the Password

Once you’ve entered the password, navigate to the “File” menu again and select “Properties.” In the “Properties” window, click on the “Security” tab. Here, you’ll find an option to “Change Password.” Click on it.

A new window will appear, asking you to enter the current password again. After entering the password, leave the “New Password” and “Confirm Password” fields blank. Finally, click on “OK” to remove the password from the PDF file.

Step 5: Save the Unlocked PDF

After removing the password, you’ll want to save the unlocked PDF file. Simply navigate to the “File” menu and select “Save” or “Save As.” Choose a location on your computer to save the file, give it a new name if desired, and click “Save.”


Removing a password from a PDF file can be a straightforward process if you have the right tools and follow the steps carefully. By using a reliable tool like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you can easily remove the password and gain access to the contents of a password-protected PDF.

Remember, it’s important to respect the privacy and security of others’ documents. Only remove passwords from PDF files if you have the proper authorization to do so. If you are unsure or do not have permission, it’s best to reach out to the owner of the file for assistance.